Sale Alert! The Experiment by Author Skye Maddox

Skye Maddox Author The Experiment – The Pyramid Domme Series #1

Experiment SaleSynopsis

Linkston Marketing isn’t just a leading marketing firm climbing its way to the top. Billionaire Julio Santiago, investor, savior and control freak opens his heart to the one woman who may break it. He’s loved and lost and now experiments by laying it all on the line including his heart. Will his secret investments crumble or will he convince Alyssia her talents fare more than he’s capable?

Favorable Quotes

You make me burn with desire, like no other” Julio Santiago, billionaire

I’ll give you what you need, not what you want” Alyssia (Domme)

The real experiment, was gambling on you and this business I’ve handed over to you.” Julio at the Pyramid Club

You drive me insane, with these feeling you’ve awakened in me.”

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