Good With His Hands Book Tour

Good with his handsBLURB

Every woman wants a man who is good with his hands…

He’s a sexy bad boy mechanic with a reputation. She’s a guarded reporter with too much to lose to play with fire. She tries to resist him but one touch from him changes everything. 

Recent college graduate Gabby Richards has big plans for her life. At the top of those plans is landing a job for a major magazine in Chicago. While Gabby is busy mapping out her career as a journalist, her father gets seriously injured. Upon hearing of his accident, Gabby drops everything, including her career plans, and heads home to her small, rural town of Clear Lake, but vows to return to Chicago as soon as her father is well.

On her first day back in her hometown she has a run-in with the town’s sexy new mechanic, Jake Harrison, and meeting him turns everything upside-down. Despite her wishes to remain single, she doesn’t see the harm in going on a few dates with him. Soon Jake is helping Gabby confront her past and bringing out a side of her that has remained hidden for years. Even though she wants to remain focused on her career and return to her city life, she begins to wonder if it’s possible to have it all—career, her dream life in Chicago, and Jake Harrison.


Gabby turned her back to him. He just wasn’t going to let up about taking her out, was he? She began scrubbing out the stainless steel sink as a means of distraction.

“Tomorrow’s Sunday. I didn’t think the shop was open,”

“It’s not, but sometimes when I have a backlog of work, like I do now, I go in when the shop is closed. I actually get a lot more done when there aren’t customers coming in and the phone’s not ringing off the hook.”

“Oh, well, thanks for having a look at my car on your day off. I’ll talk to you tomorrow, I guess. Have a good evening, Jake.”

“Hey,” he grabbed her by the shoulders and spun her around. “What’s wrong? I know you want to go out with me. Don’t pretend you haven’t felt this thing between us.”

She lowered her gaze to the floor. He was right. There was no denying the attraction she felt toward him and the chemistry between them seemed to be building. She didn’t want or need to date someone. Her life was fucked up enough at the moment and she didn’t need any additional complications right now.

“Walk me out?” Jake cupped her chin and brought her gaze to his.

Despite her reservations, she held his stare. Looking into his deep blue eyes she couldn’t find a way to say no. She let him take her by the hand and followed behind him outside. Once in the driveway she stood beside his vehicle.

“No wonder you like my dad’s truck so much. I think he wants to do something similar, but on a less grand scale. Did you restore it yourself?” She asked as she ran her hand along the orange and red flames painted on the hood. Even in the dark she could see the paint job was spectacular. The moonlight glinted off the chrome accents and highlighted the glossy black finish that was on the body of the truck.

“Guilty. I took my time with the restoration process and I worked on it for about three years. But, I didn’t bring you out here to talk about my truck.”

She looked up at him, intending to ask him just why he had asked her to come outside, but he was too fast for her. He slipped his hands around the back of her neck and titled her head back further. His mouth met hers with an almost crushing force. Jake slid his tongue between her parted lips, their tongues twined together until he broke their hold.

“God damn I’ve wanted to do that since I saw you standing in my shop today.”

He leaned down and kissed her again. His thumbs stroked the sensitive flesh along the sides of her neck. The light touch seemed innocent enough, but there was something about the way his calloused skin felt against her the smooth column of her neck. It awakened things in her.

Beneath the tight T-shirt, she felt her nipples harden. He must’ve felt the sensation because Jake moaned and pressed the solid wall of his chest against her. His hard body felt so good against hers. She ran her hands along his shoulders, down the center of his chest and stopped at his waist. Corded muscles rippled beneath her fingertips. He was massively built.

She wondered if he was as impressive below the belt. As if reading her mind, he ground his torso against her hip. He was huge. Gabby slid her hands up his torso until she reached his shoulders. Fisting the collar of his shirt, she wriggled against his thick erection. Her body ached to be filled. The lips of her sex were slick and swollen. Her nipples were painfully hard and her breathing pattern had become a rapid pant. Holy hell did she want this man.

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About the Author

Ariel Storm believes that fantasies are meant to be explored, on the pages of her manuscripts, and beyond. She writes erotic romance readers can sink their teeth into, covering everything from contemporary BDSM to paranormal. Ariel fell in love with all things paranormal, magical and mystical at a young age. Her obsession with the dark, dangerous and forbidden began in her teen years as a way to rebel against her strict religious upbringing. Visit her at, find her on Facebook and Twitter.


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